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Trip to Andalusia with the kids

It was not our first time in Andalusia but it was our first trip to Andalusia with the kids. We went there during the Easter holidays, making sure not to be there during Semana Santa to avoid the crowds and find accommodation more easily, at lower prices. However, we saw the preparations for the decorations for Semana Santa so it was interesting to show this aspect to the children. Between the landscapes, the sunny weather, the architecture of the cities and the Spanish cuisine, it has been a great trip!

Our itinerary for a week in Andalusia

In the introduction, I would like to point out that the choice of our stays would not have been the same in the case of a very first trip to Andalusia. I will therefore first present our itinerary and then tell you what you could add if you are visiting Andalusia for the first time.

Day 1: Málaga

Malaga was the first stop on our trip to Andalusia. We didn’t know this city and we really liked it. To start off slowly, we went for churros and chocolate for breakfast at Tejeringo’s. Then, we admired the cathedral from the outside.

Visit Málaga

After the cathedral, we decided to visit the Alcazaba. This palace-fortress dates from the 11th century and its various patios are charming. Obviously, it’s not comparable to the Alcazar of Seville or the Alhambra of Granada but it’s pretty and it’s worth it!

Malaga with family

Then we have lunch at the market. There are small tables outside and it is possible to order tapas.

The Malaga Market

Afterwards, we visit the Picasso museum. This is his birthplace. The collection does not present the most well-known works but that is precisely what I find interesting.

Picasso Museum Malaga

We continue our walk in the city:

We pose in front of the cube of the small Pompidou museum but we do not visit it.

Malaga with family

Right before dinner we went to see a flamenco show at Tabloa Alegria. The dancing was very good, impressive. The place, less friendly than other places where I had seen flamenco in Seville. The bottom line is that we had a great time. Moreover, for the children it was completely new!

For dinner, we stopped by chance at a very typical tapas bar: La Tranca. It was really good. As for accommodation in Malaga, we slept in the historic center (it was perfect for doing everything on foot!). We booked the room with patio here .

Day 2: Malaga then Vejer de la Frontera

After the same chocolate churros as the day before, we visit the glass museum. A favorite ! This is a huge private collection of glass objects. We had a tour in French with lots of stories and anecdotes. And what’s more, the villa is superb! Clearly a visit not to be missed during your visit to Malaga. See opening hours on their website.

Car rental in Malaga:

On site, we called several car rental companies and we had a good feeling with Miami Hire. They arranged to meet us at the station to leave the car (a Fiat 500) with us. Everything went well. We recommend them. We then take the road along the coast towards the east to visit a white village that we did not yet know and which is located just before the city of Cádiz: Vejer de la Frontera. Magnificent!

trip to Andalusia

In the evening we reach Cádiz.

Day 3: Cádiz and Jerez de la Frontera .

Cadiz, a discovery, a favorite! Here is a town in Andalusia that we didn’t know. It turned out to be very pleasant. In fact, there are no major visits to do but it’s just very aesthetic; the facades are very beautiful…

Visit Cádiz

Cadiz with family Travel to Andalusia

We climb the Tavira Tower for a small panoramic view and also for its dark room which allows a little optical show.

View of Cadiz

In Cádiz, the room we rented was simple but located in a very beautiful building. We recommend this address: Casa Patio del Pandora. The patio was particularly pretty:

Leaving Cádiz, we cross an impressive bridge:

road trip in andalusia

Then we drive to Jerez de la Frontera to visit a bodega. Yes, Papa Voyage is a fan of Jerez wines! The tour in French and Spanish was very interesting and the tasting, too! We recommend Bodega Diez Meritos:

Travel to Andalusia

In the evening we reach Seville for the night.

Day 4 : Seville , still the most beautiful!

Without doubt the most beautiful city in Andalusia! It’s already my third time there and I can’t get enough of it! I will write a post dedicated to visiting Seville combining our various experiences there. This time we spent two nights there. We stayed in this apartment, in the old town.

seville with family Plaza de España , Seville

Day 5: El Caminito del Rey then Ronda

During my previous stays, it was no longer open to the public because major work had been undertaken to make the place safe. Now, rest assured: it’s really safe!! Visiting this canyon on the footbridge is definitely worth it! Please note: it requires a little anticipation to book the visit. I will write a complete guide to our experience on the Caminito del Rey! The children loved it!

caminito del rey with child

At the end of the day, we reach Ronda, which we know well. We enjoy the beautiful light of the setting sun:

Travel to Andalusia

The gardens of Ronda…

Our accommodation was just outside the fortification, in a lovely area. A very typical accommodation that we really liked with its series of small terraces: Ronda Romantica Loft. We were in the duplex apartment.

Travel to Andalusia

Day 6: Andalusian white villages

We had already visited quite a few white villages during our various stays. We did a mix between revisiting villages we loved and discovering new ones. Here are the villages where we stopped this time: Setenil de las Bodegas. It’s very small but it’s impressive:

Then direction Montejaque which we did not yet know:

Andalusia with family

Mini hike to the Gato cave to stretch our legs: a lovely site! Grazalema with its rock which watches over the village… We have lunch there (at the La Maroma restaurant, not light but very good!).

villages of Andalusia

Return to Ronda for a quiet late afternoon. Discovery of an excellent little tapas bar: Entrevinos.

Travel to Andalusia

Day 7 : El Torcal de Antequera

I was hesitant before visiting this place because there are actually similar landscapes in England but still it was worth it! Indeed, the site is impressive and we can never get tired of this kind of natural wonder! And the density of stones is particularly great in Torcal de Antequera. We did a two-hour hike, partly on the yellow path and partly on a path improvised by Papa Voyage!

the old torcal

trip to Amdalusia

the old torcal

And the circle is complete ! Head to Malaga airport!


Other tips for a trip to Andalusia with children:

As I said above, this was not a first stay in Andalusia. If you don’t know this region, you shouldn’t miss Granada and its Alhambra or the city of Cordoba and its mosque. I strongly advise against visiting this corner of Spain in the middle of summer. I did it once and won’t do it again! It was so hot that it was impossible to walk through the white villages and the countryside was all dry and yellow. Also, spring is truly a great season for flowers on patios and green landscapes. And what are the children’s opinions? According to Ticoeur and Titpuce, here are the advantages of this trip to Andalusia: beautiful exotic visits, adventure with the Caminito del Rey and then the tapas!

trip to Andalusia


SO ? Tempted by a family holiday in Andalusia?

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