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A week in Menorca

After our family trip to Mallorca last year, we chose to discover Menorca this year: we wanted to enjoy the Balearic Islands but with fewer tourists because Mallorca is a beautiful destination but it is even more overcrowded in August than any other islands we know in the Mediterranean region.

In short: goal achieved! It was much less crowded than Mallorca because the capacity in terms of accommodation is much more limited; it also means that prices are a bit higher and that you have to book ahead.

Cala Macarelleta

Our itinerary for a week in Menorca with the kids:

Day 1: Late arrival in Ciutadella: first family walk in its picturesque port and amid its medieval alleys.

Day 2: To the beach! For this first day, we went to the southwestern part of the island which is the most famous part for beautiful creeks. We first stopped at Son Saura , a white sandy beach with shallow water and few people; it was perfect for children.

Son Saura

Then we walked along Cami de Cavalls (the path that goes around the island and which was used by horses) to Cala des Talaier (20 minutes walk); finally, because we wanted to walk more, we continued to Cala en Turqueta (30 minutes), a very beautiful cove.

Cala en Turqueta

Late lunch (Spanish time!) in Cala Blanca at Blat i Raim where we had some tapas. During the hot hour, we left the beaches and returned to walk around Ciutadella along the walls to enjoy the shade.
At the end of the afternoon, we visited the stone quarry located at the exit of Ciutadella (Lithica Menorca). The children liked it, especially the labyrinth!

Lithica Menorca

Around 6:00 pm, we went to Cala en Brut, a spot where people come to dive from high rocks: my son tried the lowest rock and me too! Then we rested at our Airbnb apartment (not a good one, I won’t share the address …).
Then, we observed the sunset at Pont d’en Gil. We ended the day with a paella at the Es Garbell restaurant: good local atmosphere with live music in the bar next door. Also, this place was convenient for families because there is a lawn in front of the terrace for the children to play and run.

Day 3: We went to Algaiarens beach that we crossed to get to the magnificent Bot Beach (you have to climb a few rocks to reach it but nothing too difficult).

Bot Beach

For lunch we just had drinks and pan con tomate at the terrace of the beautiful and very yellow finca Binissues.

Then, we headed up to the highest viewpoint of the island, Monte Toro where you can go by car.

Late afternoon on the beach of the Cavalleria (where sand is red clay-coloured) before going to our second Airbnb accommodation near Fornells in a very nice residence, with a nice terrace but the accommodation was a little old-fashioned.

Sunset and cocktails at the beautiful Isabella Beach Club .

Dinner at the restaurant Café del Nord ( menu of the day).

Day 4: Pregonda beach or more precisely the cove located just before this beach with pretty rocks: the water is very clear but you have to walk quite a bit to get there. It’s a good place for snorkelling.

Lunch at Fornells (a few tapas at Sa Taula’s). During the hot hour, we went to the village of Mercadal where we found excellent ice creams at Fary’s. Then, we went to Son Bou Beach: not our kind of beach because there were too many people, the beach is too big, and there are too many buildings at the back. Barbecue dinner at Ca Na Marga (very good grill restaurant – but choose the tables inside because there are lots of mosquitoes on their terrace!)

Day 5: we left for Cala Galdana where we parked the car before starting our little hike to Cala Mitjana which has turned out to be our favourite cove of these holidays in Menorca! A beach not to be missed! The walk from the car park only lasts 10 minutes to Mitjaneta where we enjoyed this tiny beach almost for ourselves until 11:00 am before going to Cala Mitjana its big sister. Between the two, it is possible to swim.

For lunch, we bought some empanadas at the Los Claveles bakery in Ferreries and had a drink in the shade at Feymar. Then we went back to Fornells and my son did some holiday homework during the hot hours. We took a last swim at the Tirant beach, and we had an early dinner at Okapi. Then we went to watch the sunset at the Cap Cavalleria  ! And that’s where the adventure becomes less fun: we punctured a tire on the way! Luckily, there was a spare tire in the trunk. “Papa Voyage” quickly changed the tire and we arrived just in time for sunset. For the record, the next day we exchanged cars at the rental company and they charged us 70 euros for the flat tire.

Day 6: Stroll in the village of Binibequer Vell  : it was the cutest village of our stay but strangely enough it is not a real village but a holiday village built in the 60s. At the same time, if all holiday villages could look like this one, it would not be bad at all!

Then, some swimming at Es Calo Blanc (cove). Very good lunch at Oveja Negra in Punta Prima. We walked through the small market in front of the restaurant and then on to our last accommodation which proved to be our favorite of our family week in Menorca: Agriturismo Binissfullet. The children enjoyed the swimming pool on the premises.

Agriturismo Binissfullet

We had a drink at the beach bar of Binibequer Nou, a nice spot. Then, we went back to have dinner in our agriturismo because the owners are Italians who cook very well!

Day 7: the children enjoyed the swimming pool in the morning and then we went for a hike to the huge cave Cova des Coloms (1 hour round trip – park your car at Es Migjorn Gran).

Lunch in the village of Alienor at the Café des Forns. It’s raining a little. Stroll in the town of Mahon. Some interesting buildings but we found that Mahon was not a must…

The objective of the day is to succeed in going to the most famous beach of the island: Cala Macarelleta and Macarella. Because even though Menorca has fewer tourists than Mallorca, when everyone wants to go to the same beach; it becomes problematic. The access to these coves by car was closed from 7:30 in the morning because the car park was full! So we decided to reach these beaches by foot, following as always the Cami de Cavall, a 1 hour walk from Cala Galdana. In the end, it was a better option for us than by car because we love to walk. And of course, we left quite early, around 9:00 am to avoid suffering from the heat. So yes, this beach is really beautiful! We advise to go there by foot to enjoy the different points of view between Macarelleta and Macarella (totally worthwhile!) … but in terms of the beaches, we preferred Cala Mitjena where there were less people.

Day 9: early departure.

If I summarize and try to compare Menorca to Mallorca:

What we liked in Menorca:

  • The creeks are gorgeous! And numerous! The natural scenery, the vegetation, the color and the transparency of the water… it’s the best! As far as swimming is concerned, we preferred Menorca to Majorca but I should point out that Majorca is much bigger and we hadn’t done the whole tour: there are certainly some little paradises to discover!
  • The quality of service: there are free car parks at all the beaches. Everything is well signposted. There are also toilets in each car park.
  • Clean beaches. Really very pleasant! The beaches are very neat. The only sad exception, like everywhere: some smokers (not all of them fortunately!) who think that a cigarette butt is not a waste and bury them in the sand for children to find them!! Brrr !!!

What we less liked:

  • Few old traditional fincas, unlike in Mallorca where we had rented a beautiful stone house and where there was plenty to choose from. In Menorca, there are rather recent residences, very pleasant but less traditional.
  • The villages and towns are nice but we have seen nicer villages and towns in Mallorca.
  • More than a week would be long because it is a destination mainly for the beach and the island is not really big as its name suggests.

Finally, I end this article with other typical things you’ll find in Menorca: this rather strange megalithic stones, in the shape of “Ts”…

Windmills in most villages…

The famous Cami de Cavalls that we took to reach the beaches:

What is the budget for a family holiday in Menorca?

As an indication, here are our expenses for the four of us: Car rental: 27 € / day, lunches in the bakery or café: 20 € / day, dinners at the restaurant: 60 € / day, accommodation: 190 € / night, miscellaneous: 3 € / day, i.e. a total of 2400 € in total for the four of us. To this, you have to add 400€ for the return flight. Of course, there are ways to spend less (especially when cooking) or spend more ;-).


In short, we strongly advise you to spend a week in Menorca if you are in love with beautiful coves and wild settings. Menorca really is a little pearl of the Mediterranean!

And you? Have you been to Menorca?

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